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What is edualgo community?

edualgo community has been established as an online hangout place of the developers to share their projects, portfolios, achievements or to grow their business by letting people know about the services they are offering.

Why join us?

Community is a great place to get started with something new, where you can get the required piece of advice from your fellow mates and even can get a co-founder for your next startup idea. Other than these there are tons of other opportunities like the opensource projects, research projects & a chance to participate in the same. 

How much does it cost?

It's free to join the community, there are no-cost involved.

What can I do in the community as a member?

You can definitely do something amazing and interesting, but not limited to,

  • Publishing your projects and getting some good suggestions and reviews
  • Getting fellow teammates for any project or hackathon you are willing to participate
  • Getting enough exposure to the technical community, which can help you grow organically
  • Learning some important skills as a professional like community skills and management communication skills
  • You can publish technical articles, posts, short videos, achievements, certificates and everything that you have achieved

Are there any swags and goodies?

Yes, there is an opportunity to get the swags and goodies. Be an active member and win some awesome swags.

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